Piano Tabs (Decals)


Welcome to the future of music: Creation without boundaries or pre-requisites.  These Piano Tabs (Decals) are Instruction and Sheet Music all in one!  They take the learning out of reading music and allow you to create without rules.

The IVOREEZ Piano Tabs come in two sizes: Large and Small. The Large Decals can be used for Pianos, large Keyboards and Organs. They are a cling form plastic that adhere to the keys via static electricity. In colder climates, you may need to heat the piano keys with  warm air from a hair dryer to create solid contact.  Please verify measurements before ordering.

 The Small Decals are best suited for small keyboards as they have an adhesive backing best suited for frequent use and moderate climates.  Try the Decal Bundle for your best value and comprehensive use of the IVOREEZ Color Song System.  

One complete set comes with 19 decals:

Large (Standard) Size Decals (5.25″ X .5″)
Fits standard size pianos


Small (Mini) Size Decals (3.0″ X .42″)
Fits most keyboards


Bundled Decals
(Large & Small Set)


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Which do you have?

Piano keys have not been made with actual ivory for decades as it is illegal, but there are some very good imitation ivory-like materials that are used for the coating.  If you have an older piano, there is any easy way to tell if the keys are coated with ivory.   Ivory keys are always made in three pieces–key, stem and front, where as plastic key tops only have two pieces–the top and front.

Look closely at the keys, if you can see the fine line that is the joint between the keytop and the stem, then your keys are indeed ivory. Here’s an example:

A Grand piano with ivory keys and missing some key tops: