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HI IVOREEZ Singers.  Here’s a great tutorial for those of you who are interested in singing vocal harmony.  I get this question alot.  It’s difficult to explain unless you have some music knowledge or experience.  If you spend enough time on IVOREEZ, you’ll begin to strengthen your ear in order to perform this skill. Check out this video  to get started.  Meet Saher Galt. He’s got a really easy way to understand vocal harmony.

We’re going to do a few beginning exercises to get you into it and by the end you’ll be singing a full harmony part. Here we go. An introduction to singing harmony So, if you’re not already familiar, vocal harmony is where multiple singers will sing different melodies at the same time and when it’s done right it can sound otherworldly. In learning to do it one of the first things we have to overcome is the tendency to unconsciously match what the other singers are doing rather than sing our own part. The trick is really just getting the brain used to hearing one thing while you’re singing another. That’s what we’re going to practice now. First let’s get a melodic interval in your ear – a two note melody. We’re going to sing this: AH, AH I’m going to play it a few times with you on the keyboard. Make sure you sustain each note.

Sing the lower note: Now the upper note: Again lower: And upper: Now that you’ve got the melody down you’re going to sing the same thing one more time. On the first note I’m going to match you and on the second note we’re going to harmonize. Again sing exactly what you’ve been singing. Here we go: AH Now hopefully you’re able to stay on course and sing the same melody that you had been singing, even though our melodies diverged. I stayed on the same note you jumped up to the upper note. If you succeeded then you just harmonized. The next step is to be able to find your harmony notes not by repetition but by ear. How this is going to work is I’m going to play the lower note while its ringing I want you to try and imagine the upper note. Once you’ve got it firmly in your mind sing it the second time I play the lower note and that should sound like this: OK, got the idea? Here is the lower note: Now imagine that upper note. I’m going to play it again and you sing the upper note.

Did you get it? You ought to have been singing this upper note: Let’s try that one more time somewhere else. We’re going to do the same interval, the same distance, but from a different starting note. This one: Now try to conjure that same two note melody we’ve been singing but simply starting from this new place. Now imagine that upper note and sing it. Hopefully you were singing this. Now to be really good at singing harmony you’re going to want to know more than just this one interval.

You’ll want to practice hearing and singing them all. It also has the nice side benefit of helping you sing in tune better. For more on that check out my singing lessons. OK. so we’ve practiced singing a pitch other than the one we’re hearing and finding a harmony note by ear. The next step is stringing multiple harmony notes together. So this will be our main melody: And the harmony part you’re going to sing is parallel harmony. You’re going to sing in the same direction but spaced a distance apart. Your part sounds like this: You sing it just with the piano: OK, now I’m going to sing the main melody, you sing that harmony part. For this pass will give you the piano Now you sing the same thing again but it’s just you and me no piano reference. If you’re finding that challenging you can go back over it a few more times but let’s move on to something that sounds more like harmony singing.

From here, he goes on to build a backing track and instructs you to sing the main melody over the track/ accompaniment.  It’s a great tutorial to understand how your brain has to detach from the main melody and sing while keeping place.  Singing unlike any other activity, requires visualization more thoroughly or entirely to accomplish.  If you liked his video, please subscribe to him and keep the music alive, everyone!!


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how to sing VOCAL HARMONY!

A singing lesson on how to harmonize. Any questions on how to sing harmony, ask in the comments!

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