How To Sing Better – The Truth About You

Hello IVOREEZ singers:  Another lesson from Aaron in beautiful Vancouver. He’s got this great 9 part series on Psychology of Singing: Principles for Success; for Artists and Entrepreneurs. Here’s what he’s got to say about Truth:

Truth is about you now. You can create our own reality. We choose what to remember and what we choose to rehearse tends to be what we retain and accept. If our childhood was bad and we choose to remember and live in that state, our actions will produce a familiar result.  As singers, we focus on critical things because singing is both mechanics and inspiration; inspiration comes from the heart and mind. Negativity from our inner critic limits our thoughts. We must work daily to filter these negative thoughts and motivate ourselves.

I call this tip “The Truth”. By my phone, I’ve got a notes section where I list things that people have said about me. These words are positive and uplifting and I read them every time I take the stage to put me in a friendly and creative space. I practice this mind set (rehearse this behavior) before I perform so that it becomes second nature to believe in my talent so that from the start, I carry the spirit of confidence in my music.

This is a little like changing my reality and I choose to remember what is needed and discard what isn’t. With this technique, I can focus on growth. The more you become the true you, the closer you are to being the best artist using strategic abandon. That means, you can safely empty your negativity to allow room for creativity and artistry.

Eliminating negativity is necessary as an artist and focusing on each accomplishment is the setting for growth. So, start by being true to yourself and keep believing.


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How To Sing Better - The Truth About You - Part 1 of 9

How To Sing Better - The Truth About You - Part 1 of 9

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How To Sing Better - The Truth About You Review

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