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This great video was posted by Paul McKay from ONE voice and it’s a popular topic:  How to sing riffs and runs.  So many young artists want to sing this popular style but lack the technique to execute.  This helpful video will help you understand the process of creating riffs:

  1. identify the notes needed to make a riff
  2. break them down in small, digestable pieces w/ note marking
  3. master the sequence slowly then bring them up to speed
  4. arrange the pieces to create a complete riff

I’ve included the closed captions for those who prefer to read, though I recommend watching the video for best instruction.

Enjoy the clip and use it for this Friday’s new release, “Make Me Cry”.  If you take a moment to listen to Labrinth in any of his previous work, you can hear plenty of examples of well constructed riffs and runs.  He’s  a smooth master at it!  Noah?   … eh, not so much. But, congrats to her for a successful entry in the music biz!

More artists that can properly execute runs are ANY of the members of Pentatonix, Labrinth, Babyface, Tori Kelly, Toni Braxton, Christina Aguilera, Paul McKay, Mariah Carey,  and many others.  Depending on your tone and range, match your voice to one of the artists above and listen to their stylings.  Replicate their same riffs and runs and start using them in your repertoire.

Without further adieu,  Paul McKay…

Okay, were actually going to try some riffs this particular video I’d like it to be very interactive and when I actually perform an exercise, I’ll leave a bit space for you to go ahead and try it. I’ll slow the riff down And we’ll speed it up as we go, and just be very progressive about it alright now there is another video entitled Rhythm and riffs and i presented a riff, a five note sequence, that is very commonly used for the intents and purposes at this particular clip will use the key of E-flat major and perform the same riff alright so here’s E flat major. Alright so that’s E-flat major.

We’ll perform this riff on the 5. If we were to use the number system, this would be the 1 and this would be the 5 so here we go aahhh, alright so that’s the rif, aahhh and it’s performed on the 5, of the number system, aahhh try it, go ahead, it’s a 5 note sequence, aahhh Alright try that and speed it up.   I even switched the rhythm up a bit.

Another riff closely associated with that riff is performed on the one of any aprticular scale but we are using the one of the Eb major scale. And, here it is :  ahhh.  I’ll slow it down:  aaaahhh.  go ahead and try it. Now speed it up:  aaaahh

A third riff I’ll include is a 4 note riff. You find it in country music quite a bit and it goes:  aahhhh.  It’s a 4 note rifff.  Very often, That particular riff goes along with phrases and goes at the end of a word.  For instance,  “you and me”

So there you go, I presented three riffs: the first was a five note sequence, the second was a five note sequence and the third was a four note sequence.  Now, here’s a cool thing:  We’lll put all the riffs together. The last rifff, I’ll use that to start.  Here it is:  aahhh,  what I’ll do , I’ll the very first riff to the end of the last riff.  here it is:    aaaahhhh, See that? Right away, it sounds like one long riff . so what we’ll do is slow it down again:  aaaahhhh. go ahead and try it:  aaahhh lets speed it up: aaahhh, and we’ll add the riff that’s related to the first riff. So, here we go and entire 14 note riff , folks. here we go. If you’ve practiced, you can go back over the video and practice slowly.  Here it is:   aaahhh. So, we’ll slow it down:  aaahh

So go ahead and try it. We’ll do it one more time:  aaahhh.   And the way it should sound, I keep using the ahh vowel, let’s try it on the oooh vowel:  ooohhhh. So, there you have it, folks.  You just did a 14 note riff.  Congratulations! Til next time, this is Paul McKay. join me in the next video.

He’s a great resource for all online voice students. Please subscribe to his channel and check out his tutorials.  Happy to promote his instruction. Until next time, Keep ticklin’ the IVOREEZ!

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How to sing Riffs and Runs - It's SO EASY!! - (the step by step method)
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How to sing riffs. How to sing runs. Sing Riffs and runs the EASY way.
Riffs and runs, take you from being a ordinary singer to extrordinary! Learning riffs and runs, takes a lot of practice but if you commit yourself to the work, and rehearse regularly, they become much easier. Review this video to learn Riffs and runs easily. This is a 14 note riffs that is been broken up into three sections. Enjoy!