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Every Friday, IVOREEZ (R) will hand select two newly released hit songs to give away for an entire week. That means, the newest songs will be aught for vocal and piano beginners in basic piano accompanying technique, foundational vocal technique & other pop song tips.

This is the perfect time to add music is your life, whether you’ve quit lesson, weren’t very good at singing or playing, or never took lessons.  These free piano & singing tutorials jump straight into music making, not practicing or learning theory.

We’re doing this backwards, here! First, enjoy music and if you’re inspired to learn more, then jackpot…. we’ve done our job. Music is meant to be enjoyed by all, without lessons, rules or practice.  So, sign up and start singing & playing … FREE.

This song will be accessible to all Fan Members starting Friday 10 am PST and will change each week. This is your chance to try take a piano lesson free, check out IVOREEZ (R) and enjoy music that’s fast, easy & fun.

Still need decals? Get them FREE with your Rockstar Membership.  These decals are:

  • * the fastest way to play for the total beginner

  • * the easiest way to accompany yourself and play piano

  • * a substitute for piano lessons. Place on keyboard & play (not learn) instantly

  • * a fraction of the cost of private piano lessons (average $30/half hour lesson) That’s $1400/year savings

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As a BONUS, our VIP Fan Club gives you access to these valuable extras. Here’s what you’ll get:

  •  * 1 set of Sample Piano Decals for your piano or keyboard (print at home and PLAY!)

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  • * 6 Video Tutorials to walk you through every song. This is your personal teacher and gets you playing in 60 seconds

Retail Value of this Fan Club is worth $40/week.  They’re yours FREE just for signing up.  You’ve got no excuse now to start playing & singing!

Here’s your chance to make the music you’ve always wanted!

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How to Play Sing Ciao Adios - Anne Marie | Easy Piano Chord Lesson | IVOREEZ

Learn how to Play and Sing Ciao Adios by Anne Marie with IVOREEZ (R) easy piano chords and piano lessons. Learn how to play Ciao Adios and more of Billboard’s Top Songs & Timeless Classics instantly by matching colors to make and learn piano chords & SING the melody with ease.

Learning to play piano has never been so fast, easy or fun! Add decals to your keyboard, find the colors and match the colored lyrics to the colored decals. There's no music theory, confusing lessons, or need to practice for weeks. Making piano chords has never been easier and playing the piano accompaniment makes you a Rock star instantly.

With IVOREEZ(R) Piano Tabs, you will be making easy & instant chords on the piano to support the singer and melody. That's exactly what the professionals do: make the background music so they can rock out! After all, that's why most people take piano lessons; to sing and play their favorite songs!

Now’s the time to SING Ciao Adios and other favorite songs and play the piano chords without months of lessons, hours of practice and hundreds of dollars. Learn piano chords free online with easy piano lessons using the newest innovation in music tech.

The IVOREEZ(R) patented 2 part system contains the Color Match Piano Tabs. These colored piano decals replace lessons and display an easy finger chart for piano chords. Apply them to your piano or keyboard and you've got a piano teacher 24/7 sitting beside you to help you make chords.

The IVOREEZ(R) Simplified Sheet Music is a massive online database of popular songs from every era, artist and genre. These songs are different: they don’t display notes: No staff, music theory or any notation whatsoever. Only COLORED LYRICS. That's right, just sing like you do with Karaoke and match them with the colored Piano decals for instant piano chords.

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