How to Add Music in Your Daily Life without Lessons or Skill


Everyone remembers the childhood experience behind the piano keyboard, amongst a sea of black and white keys and a not so friendly music teacher.  Some don’t have the courage to even register for classes because they become intimidated by the whole process and the stories that come from these lessons.

Music doesn’t have to be this hard.

You don’t have to have lessons or know anything about music to reap its’ benefits every day.  Little do you realize that music is everywhere and every option to integrate music is before you, it’s only a matter of tuning in.

Start with the radio.  You have a thousand choices or playlists.  Just choose one that makes you feel happy like “Walking on Sunshine” by Katrina & the waves or “Island in the sun” by Weezer.   Music expresses feeling.  Like the soundtrack to your life, play one that promotes this feeling or allows you to totally experience the moment.

In the elevator or in the car. Music is everywhere.  During your morning elevator ride, listen to what’s being played.  Even if it’s generic muzak, there’s a message in there somewhere.  Sadly, some people consider music to be noise amongst the chatter. But if you let it take you away for a moment, that healthy distraction may just get you to focus and put you in a creative frame of mind.

Before a presentation or meeting.  We all want to do and perform our best, especially when it counts.  As you ramp up before the meeting, pump yourself up like those professional athlete as they wait to make a contribution on the court.  Try Van Halen’s “Jump”  or Queen’s “Another One Bites the Dust”  or Kris Kross’s “Jump” .  Music builds passion and confidence.   Channel that inner rock star before you present and the world is your stage.

When you want to connect with someone.  Who can deny the feelings that are prompted by the song ” Let’s get it on” by Marvin Gaye or “All of me” by John Legend, or “Lay me Down” by Sam Smith.  These songs clearly speak of making a personal connection and the words and sounds convey this message clearly. If your intent is to deliver this message, allow music to do it  for you.

You don’t have to know the difference between a major and minor chord or take a music appreciation course; just let music be a simple escape. So in your daily life as you stop and smell the flowers, don’t forget to stop and listen to the music.

Katrina & The Waves - Walking On Sunshine

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